Event Time: 11:00 / Event Location: Cusco Plaza Saphi: Saphi 486, Cusco

Is a unique tradition that involves handing out home-made hot chocolate, Panetón or sweet breads, and small gifts to children in our hotel Cusco Plaza Saphi.

Celebrated on December 24th each year, this event is popular in Cusco, where the main goal is to bring great joy to the children and their parents.

As kids descend from all corners of local communities early in the morning, they join the queue and wait their turn patiently to get a hot chocolate and some panettone bread. Then, before the giving of gifts – which can include dolls, toy cars, lollypops, biscuits and a few other bits and bobs – they often play all sorts of games and are entertained with folkloric dance shows.

There are often in excess of a hundred children at the event, so the challenging logistics of managing this quantity of excited children is quite fascinating to witness.If you want to participate in this event as a volunteer write us to the email:

Merry Christmas!

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