Event Time: 10am / Event Location: Ollantaytambo, Cusco

The traditional Christmas at Cusco ends with the Feast of the lowering of Kings, is a mixture of Christianity established by the Spanish and the traditions from the legacy pre inca and inca. The Andean population is deeply devoted of Christ, without that stop you from be entrusted to the Apus (Gods of mountains) and make offerings to Pachamama (Mother Earth).


The celebration of the feast in Ollantaytambo makes a must point of visit. It is a folkloric festival and manners in which not only involved the inhabitants of the village. On the eve descend in procession the inhabitants of the puna of Ollantaytambo, residents of the valley of Patacancha, i.e. the communities of Huilloq and Patacancha, commonly known as huairuros. Who not only stained the festivity with its red costumes, but who bring with them to your child Jesus of Marcacocha, accompanied by the dancers of huallatas, one of the most typical and ancestral dances, which recreates the matching of the geese that dwell in the gaps in the Andean heights.

The day 6 is the encounter of the Child Jesus of Marcacocha with two other children Jesus who are in the church of the town of Ollantaytambo. This meeting is enlivened by other traditional dances, dances or comparsas, transform Ollantaytambo in a perpetual feast where there is a mix of locals and tourists. From these meetings, when the effigies of the two children Jesus of the people receive the Child Jesus in Marcacocha and the comparsas hover around them, begin the processions.

The feast with their respective processions are prolonged in Ollantaytambo until the day 8 January, day on which there is the farewell and ‘cacharpari’ in the doors of the chapel of the Child Samachina. Therefore, the festival lasts for four days, where like dances and processions, the typical dishes and the frutillada (alcoholic beverage to basis of strawberries) are present. So it is that if you have more time, enjoy.